Product Code : OHC0027

Generic Name : LEVOACE 500MG

Brand Name : LEVOACE 500MG

Manufacture Name : Alkem

Presentation : pills (blister)

Delivery Days : 10 working days

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Are you searching for a dependable virtual store that can provide effective medicines at reasonable prices? If yes, then you have come to the right place. At All Generic Medicine, we are engaged in providing the best quality and genuine alevo 500 mg medicines at the market leading prices. These medicines are produced by the manufacturers Alkem and are available with us in packets of 100 pills, 60 pills, and 30 pills. We ensure that once your order is confirmed, the medicines reach your destination safely within the time span of 10 working days. Thus, you can buy alevo 500 mg tablets online with us anytime.

Doctors prescribe the Alevo 500 mg tablets for different kind of infections including bacterial infections, soft tissue infections, skin infections, and similar other infections. It can also be used for the treatment of tuberculosis. These infections, especially the bacterial disease, affect the lungs and skin of the patient. The main ingredient of the Alevo tablet is Levofloxacin. The main work of this tablet is to stop the growth of the bacteria inside the body. It inhibits the DNA replication to kill the bacteria and stop its growth. Thus, the Alevo tablet is known as the most effective antibiotic. In order to reap the full benefits of the medicine, you need to take the complete course. If you want to know more about the Alevo 500 mg tablets, then keep reading ahead.


Its Usage!

The presence of the Levofloxacin is 250 mg in the Alevo tablet. This ingredient has a special role in preventing the bacteria from increasing inside the body. It helps in curing various infections of tonsils, female genital organ, urinary tract, windpipe, sinus, throat, skin, soft tissues, nose, and others. However, you have to ensure that you have the prescription from a certified doctor for consuming this medicine. You have to swallow the full tablet with water. You don’t have to chew it. The best part about this tablet is that you can consume it with or without food. However, it is better and more effective when you take this tablet at a designated time.


Its Side Effects!

Although the Alevo tablet is an effective medicine to eliminate the presence of bacteria, it also has certain side effects. You should be aware of the side effects of this medicine before you purchase it. It can cause nausea, allergic reaction, or diarrhea. It may also cause indigestion, taste disturbance, fungal infection, spinning sensation, breathlessness, vomiting, and some other side effects.


Some Important Precautions

Before you start consuming the Alevo 500, ensure that your doctor is aware of all the medical issues that you already have. This should be done to ensure that the medicine will not have any side effects. Pregnant women or breastfeeding women should not consume this medicine. While you are taking the medicine, you should protect your skin from the direct rays of the sunlight. In addition to this, you should consume a lot of liquid with the medicine or otherwise. If you start experiencing any dizziness or drowsiness after consuming this medicine, then you should immediately stop taking it. You should also avoid this medicine if you have epilepsy, hypersensitivity, or any history of tendon disorders.


By now, you must have understood the different types of uses, precautions, and side effects of the Alevo 500 mg tablet. While consuming it, keep yourself aware of these precautions and uses of the tablet and inform the doctor about your medical condition time to time. Nowadays, you do not have to visit a chemist for purchasing the tablet, you can just search “buy Alevo 500 mg tablets online” and you will get it.


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